About Us

AQRE is a forward-thinking commercial real estate brokerage servicing clients nationwide with exceptional client service and unparalleled creative vision, all backed by extensive experience in the commercial real estate industry.

Our Values


We pride ourselves on being consistently focused on our clients’ and team members’ best interests. From our dedicated drive to growth to our ability to see and communicate the intrinsic value of a deal, we genuinely love to see good people be successful.


Driven by innovation, we continue to push boundaries in order to improve the transaction process. We utilize the latest resources and technology combined with our expertise of the industry to develop the best possible solutions.

Ask the right questions

Our multifaceted real estate experience is the backbone of our service. We know the right questions to ask to keep deals on track, manage expectations, and always be one step ahead, smoother to a faster and easier transaction.

more than just a property

The foundation of commercial real estate is about buildings on acres of land, but the heart of what we do is driven by the community of people that are impacted by the businesses within those four walls.

Our Team

Sean Koza

Managing Partner

Jon Kouza

Managing Partner

Kyle simon

Vice President

Jerome Abood

Vice President

Julius Yatooma

Chief Financial Officer

Shane Fuhrman

Senior Advisor

Sebastian Halabo

Associate Advisor

Jenever Dawood

Marketing Manager

What makes Aqre Different?

The AQRE team can see the deal from all perspectives because they’re versed in all aspects of the commercial real estate industry. They know the right questions to ask and understand the key attributes of the deal, all of which give their clients an edge.

Always focused on what’s in the best interest of the client

They infuse the client’s experience with an air of hospitality, aiming to be one step ahead of them at all times.

Extraordinary creative vision for what’s possible for real estate

AQRE Advisors considers all aspects of the deal, and how the full “ecosystem” plays a part: the market, the geography, the community needs, the industry, the client’s goals, the trends, the costs, the opportunities.

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